Saturday, 11 February 2012

Soothing Sunset...

Everyone salutes Rising Sun... Hardly applauds Setting Sun...
But I just love sunset.

As a nature's lover, I love sunset for the beauty it creates. The colors of the sky are unmatched and amazing.God is an artist and it creates many unbelievable color combinations in the sky. 

As a philosophically , I love sunset due to its richness of experience. We can compare Sunrise with the beginning of our career. 

Enthusiasm, Freshness, Eagerness and Shine. Slowly slowly it moves but its shine remains the  same.

At the end of career, one retires with dignity and leaves his impression behind for others to follow.Just like that sunset , leaves colors. Beautiful colors....

Wherever you stay in the world, Sun will always be there. 
Have a time , See the sky..
Enjoy the Sunset and Nature's beauty at free of cost...

Here are some sunset snaps clicked by me.  

My Personal Favorite

At Nal Sarovar

Nature's Brush

Dreamer Bhaumik

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Life at iGATEPatni Garden



Beautiful is a small word to describe the beauty of garden at my office. I always love to go in garden.Not only for its beauty but also for its rich bio diversity.
Though its not as rich as any sanctuary but still for me who lives in jungle of cement is always rich.

I am too much passionate about Wildlife so always my eyes keep searching for birds , insects and other type of animals in this so called Eco system.

Office View from Garden

Bird Eye View

Beautiful Sunset
I have clicked so many photos and keep searching for new angles. Everyday I tries to find new things in garden. This garden is a big reason for me to visit

Here I have attached some of the photos that I clicked.